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Capacity: 50 grams 

This wonderful, universal butter is extracted from the nuts of the African shea tree. Its English name comes s’í, the tree’s name in Bambara – the language of Mali.

It nurtures skin by oiling and moisturizing it. 

It also softens and soothes the epidermis while providing more elasticity to the skin. 

It softens fine lines and makes a suntan last longer. It also stimulates the skin’s healing processes – it is therefore great for minor abrasions or cuts. It perfectly sooths irritated skin.  

The butter creates a delicate protective filter on the skin, protecting it from frost and wind. 

Shea butter also reduces inflammation thanks to a significant amount of phytosterols.

It comes to the rescue of dry, chapped hands and cracked heels.

It is considered hypoallergenic, this is why it is often and successfully used in the care of newborns, kids and pregnant bellies.

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