Capacity: 30 ml

We use it as: face cream replacement, oil for split ends, oil for nails and cuticles

Plum seed oil, made from the common plum (Prunus domestica L.), is one of our most beloved oils.

It is light, absorbs quickly and has a delicious marzipan scent.

Rich in oleic and linoleic acids, vitamin E and antioxidants, it fantastically moisturizes and restores damaged the skin.

It is exceptionally soothing and brings relief to dry and irritated skin. By rebuilding the lipid coat, it protects the skin from dehydration and the elements.  

It is an ideal product for the care of oily skin and acne-prone skin with impurities.

It significantly reduces imperfections by regulating processes taking place in sebaceous glands.

Plum seed oil is also beneficial for split ends and brittle nails as it regenerates and nourishes them.

How to use:

Face Oil: Caring for normal and dry skin, apply on a moist (important!) and cleansed face (or body, if you wish)

Dry and chapped lips: Apply the oil to the lips and after a short while, remove excess oil with a cotton swab. As an alternative, combine the oil with finely ground, unrefined sugar and use it to gently massage your lips.

Nails and cuticles: with semi-circular movements, rub the oil into the nail plate and cuticles. Remember to remove the nail polish beforehand!

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