1.General information

We deeply care about protecting your personal data and handle it in accordance with the appropriate laws, in particular the general regulation with regard to the processing of personal data of april 27 2016 (GDPR). Our goal is to provide you with full information and control over the management of your data, as well as to make methods of availing yourself of your rights available to you. Below we present information regarding how we handle your personal data, how we protect it and to whom we make it available. if you have questions regarding how we use your personal data, please contact us at the email address: hello@ministerstwodobregomydla.pl

2. How do we gather your data?

    we use your personal because you have decided to shop in our internet store www.ministerstwodobregomydla.pl (“store”) or you have expressed consent to receive commercial communications about our products electronically to a given email address, or in some other way have provided us your data by using the internet store page. the store is managed according to our terms of use which can be found here: [link].

    3. Who is the adminsitrator of your personal data?

      The administrator of personal data is the company

      Bieluń & Bieluń SP. Z O.O., SOSNOWA 6C, 71-468 SZCZECIN,Poland NIP: 8513223904 REGON: 369533555

       referred to below as the "administrator".

      4. How can you contact the administrator of your data?

        the best way to contact us is via email: HELLO@MINISTERSTWODOBREGOMYDLA.PL
        or via snail mail at:
        Bieluń & Bieluń SP. Z O.O., SOSNOWA 6C, 71-468 SZCZECIN, Poland

        5. How do we process your personal data?

        If you use our store we will process your data for the following purposes:

        A) In order to execute transactions with you for the sale of products in the store – the basis of the processing of this data in this case will be the transaction concluded with the administrator through the consent to the store’s terms of use. To this end we will require from you the most amount of data, however it will only be necessary in order to execute the transaction and delivery of purchased products to you; the provision of your personal data is not required, but it is necessary in order to complete a transaction.

        B) IN order to maintain your account on the store site – the basis of the processing of your data in this case will be the expressed consent at the time of setting up your account and consent to the store’s terms of use. setting-up the account in the store allows you to access to your data, including your purchasing history and the exercise of certain rights connected to the processing of data;  the provision of your personal data is not required, but it is necessary in order to complete a transaction.

        C) in order to process returns – in this case the basis of the processing of data is the responsibility of the administrator resulting from the statutes of law governing warranty of things sold. the provision of data in the return form is required for the proper consideration of your return.

        D) if you agree to additionally consent to receive an informational email, then an email about products and offers in the sotre, including promotional offers will be sent to a given adress. In this case the basis of consent to process data if your expressed consent, whcih is not required and you can rescind it at any time by contacting the above addresses or clicking on the link which is sent with every message containing marketing information. Rescinding consent does not affect the processing of data before consent was rescinded.

        E) For the internal statistical gathering purposes of the administrator – in this case the basis of data processing is legally justified for the interest of the administrator consisting of collecting information allowing for the develokpment of activities and application of services to the needs of the store’s users.

        F) in order to confirm the execution of our repsponsibilities as well as inquiring into claims or defense against claims which can be directed against us, prevention or uncovering of fraud.  The basis of personal data processing in this case is legally justified in the interests of the adminstrator that is legal protection, the confirmaiton of the execution of responsibilties and obtainment for this reason due compensation of the administrator’s clients. –

        we pride ourselves on transparency in the processing of your personal data, if you have any questions regarding the process or principles of their processing, we ask that you contact us. We process your data according to the law taking care so that they remain up to date and correct. Your personal data will not be processed for the purpose of automized decision making without your consent.

        6. Is the provision of personal data required?

          It is up to you whether or not you share your personal data with us. we ask that you consider however, that shopping in the store the provision of certain data will be required to execute the transaction because with that data we will not be able to execute the order because the order will not be fulfilled. it is not required to consent to receive marketing information to the given email address used to realize the transaction of the sale of products. If you agree you will be able rescind that consent at any time.

          7. to whom will we make your personal data available?

            We will transfer your data only to those who work with us in the execution of orders of purchased products:

            A) Dependent upon your choice of delivery, we will make your data available to UPS United Parcel Service of America, Inc. or another firm that may be used in the future to fulfill delivery of products purchased in the store.

            B) Dependent upon your choice of payment for purchased products we will make your data available to firms that are necessary for the execution of payment for products, that is: • paypal Holdings inc. – if you have chosen to pay through paypal.pl.

            C) Beyond that your data will be transferred to a firm that is necessary for hosting the internet store who process our client’s data: shoplo sp. z.o.o.

            D) we may also transfer your data to other firms from the above categories with whom we may cooperate.

            8. How long we will process your personal data?

            The personal data your share will be processed in the purview of:

            • A) the indispensible execution of the sale and also for your return claims, as well as the confirmation of the execution of our responsibilities and receipt of claims or defense against claims that may be directed against us.
            • B) In the case that you declare your intention to delete your account in the store we may process data necessary to confirm the execution of our responsibilities as well as receipt of claims or defense against claims that may be directed against us.

            9. what rights do you have in relation to the processing of your personal data by us?

            In keeping with the European union’s general data protection regulation (GDpr) you have a wide range of rights in relation to the convenyance of your personal data, such as: 

            A) the right to information on the ways in which your personal data is processed – in case you have any questions please contact us by sending a message to hello@miniserstwodobregomydla.pl, we will gladly answer

            B) The right to access and update data – you always have access to your own private data to your own account in the store. the data you have provided us can be edited as well as updated. if you have not created an account in the store, we ask that you contact our administrator by email with a request to access your personal data – we will share how your information is processed. we will ammend or update data upon your request.

            C) On the princples outlined in gdpr, you also have the right to: • delete data – if you request that we cease to process your data, we ask that you write to us with a request to delete your account in the store or declare your request to us. we ask that you remember, however, that it is not an unqualified right and we can deny the request to delete data if we have a reason to continue to processs data (for example, in order to fulfill a legal responsibility or receive claims or defend against claims that may be brought against us), • request to limit the processing of personal data, • submission of an objection to the processing of personal data, if the basis of processing is justified in the interest of the administrator or execution of functions in the public interest, • rescind consent, if data is being processed on the basis of consent, • move data if the processing of data takes place on the basis of a contract or consent.

            All of the above rights can be exercised by contacting our adminstrator at: HELLO@MINISTERSTWODOBREGOMYDLA.PL

            10. how soon will you receive an answer from us?

            We will make an effort to carry out your requests, and answer any questions regarding your data. in any case you should receive answer from us no later than 30 days from the receipt of the request. in that time frame we will answer your request(s) or we will inform you of an extention of the term and explain the reasons. if we will have any doubts about whether you have submitted a certain request, we may require a few additional questions in order to verify your identity.

            11. information about the appropriate organ for submitting complaints

            if you think that we are processing your personal data in a manner that is not in keeping with the law, you can submit a complaint to your national data protection authority (in poland: urząd ochrony dany osobowych).

            if you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data by us or you would like to exercise your rights resulting from gdpr, please write directly to our administrator: HELLO@MINISTERSTWODOBREGOMYDLA.PL

            12. COOKIES and data utilization

            Cookies are small text information files, sent through a server and saved on the side of the person visiting the internet store page (e.g. on a computer’s hard disk, laptop, or on a smartphone’s memory card ­– depending on which device the visitor of our internet store is using). specific information regarding cookies and also the history of how they came to be can be found, among other places, here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/http_cookie

            the administrator can transfer the data contained in cookies files during a vistor’s use of the internet store page for the following purposes:

            • - identifying service receivers logged in to the internet store and showing that they are logged in;
            • - saving products added to the basket with the goal of entering an order;
            • - saving data to fill out the order forms, surveys or login data to the internet store;
            • - adjusting the contents of the page of the internet store to the individual preferences of service receivers (e.g. regarding colors, size of text, layout of the page) as well as optimizing use of the internet store pages;
            • - carrying out anonymous statistics showing the way the internet store is being used.

            Ordinarly the majority of web browsers available will automatically accept the saving of cookies. everyone has the opportunity to choose their own preferences for using cookies through the preferences section of internet browsers. that means that it can, e.g. partially or entirely limit, even temporarily, the possibility to save cookies files – in this last case, however, this may affect certain functions of the internet store (for example, it may be impossible to go through the order process because it will not remember which products were inside the basket during the steps of placing the order).

            internet browser settings in the cookies files section are important from the perspective of consent for the use of cookies through our internet store – in accordance with the reuglations, such consent can also be expressed through the internet browser settings. in the absence of such consent, settings should be changed appropriately in the internet brower’s cookies section.

            Specific information regarding changes to the cookies files, as well as changing their settings on your own, are available in the help section of the internet browsers as well as the pages below (click on the appropriate link): • chrome • firefox • internet explorer • opera • safari

            The administrator also processes anonymous data utilized in relation with the use of the internet store (IP address, domain name) to generate helpful statistics in the administration of the internet store. these data are aggregated and anonymous, that is, they do not contain identifying information of the people visiting the page of the internet store. these data are not given to a third party.

            13. concluding considerations

            The internet store may contain links to other internet sites. The adminsitrator encourages you to familiarize yourself with the privacy policy there appointed. the present policy only applies to our internet store.

            The administrator uses technical and organizational means to ensure the protection of processed personal data appropriate to the threats and category of data under such protection, and in particular protecting data against their being made available to unauthorized parties, their being taken away by unauthorized parties, processing or transferred in violation of the appropriate regulations as well as their ammendment, loss, damage or destruction.

            The administrator appropriately makes avaialbe the following technical mediums preclusive to acquiring and modifying personal data sent through the internet by unauthorized parties:

            protection of the collection of data against unauthrorized access

            access to the internet store account only after providing an individual login and password.