Capacity: 50 ml

Scent: Intense, nutty

We use it as: face cream replacement, massage oil

This is our number one product for the fall and winter. 

It’s a favorite for fighting off stress and the blues of the season. 

Hazelnut oil belongs to a group of the so-called dry oils.

It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky layer, this is why it is pretty awesome for use on the face.

Rich in vitamins E and A and antioxidant benefits, it regenerates the skin and provides it with more elasticity. 

It rebuilds the protective barrier of the skin, which significantly improves its level of hydration.

Quickly and deeply penetrates the structure of the epidermis, sealing blood vessels, which makes it a fantastic item to take care of couperose-prone skin.

It is also know for its stabilizing and toning qualities, which help in the struggle against problematic or seborrheic oily skin.

How to use:

Massage oil/ face oil: Apply a small portion of oil on moist body and/or cleansed and moist face. Massage in a circular motion, until completely absorbed.

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