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Capacity: 50 ml

We use it as: toner, face mist, foundation for oil/ cream

We import this organic Damask Rose hydrosol from a small distillery located in a picturesque part of Southern France.

It perfectly tones the skin, removes delicate makeup and refreshes a tired complexion. 

In your daily skincare routine it can replace tap water.

Reduces puffiness around the eyes.

Not only does it have antiseptic properties, but also perfectly moisturizes and gently tightens the skin, delicately smoothing wrinkles.

It cares for dry and redness-prone skin.

We recommend it specifically in your morning or evening skincare routine: use it to clean your face and neckline and after moisturizing your skin in this way, apply a drop of an oil of your choice (for instance, raspberry seed oil). The skin will remain soft and moisturized.

Peptides extracted from radishes preserve the floral water while at the same time provide a unique moisturizing effect. 

How to use:

Apply directly to the skin, spraying it straight from the bottle or by putting some of it on a cotton swab to wipe your face.

We use it instead of tonic or thermal water; we can also use it as an aromatic water to, for instance, spray on sheets.

About hydrosols:

Hydrosols are produced by distilling whole plants or their fragments with steam. In a word, hydrosols are herbal or flower water infusions. They retain active substances of the plants from which they were prepared, this is why using hydrosols is a great and natural method to keep the skin refreshed and moisturized. We recommend using them as makeup remover, skin cleanser or moisturizer just before applying oil or cream. Their beautiful scents have aromatherapeutic effects, relaxing and relieving stress or – if you like – stimulating you into action.

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