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Capacity: 100 grams 

We use it as: a soothing cosmetic used in certain areas of inflammation, a mask for the face or body, an addition to masks or a bath powder.

It is a mineral mix of zinc oxide and ferric oxide, which gives the mix its slightly pink tint.

Calamine powder soothes, is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, it relieves itchiness and burning, regulates the functioning of sebaceous glands and helps regenerate the skin. It helps in alleviating irritation and rashes. Applied in certain areas of irritation, it can eliminate blemishes.

How to use:

Locally on areas of irritiation: in a glass or tablespoon, mix a bit of calamine with hydrosol or a drop of boiled water, apply with a q-tip locally onto the area of irritation or rash. Wash off after 15 minutes.

MASK: in a clean dish (not metal) mix a portion of calamine (about one tablespoon) with a bit of boiled water or hydrosol to achieve the right consistency of a thick paste. It’s well worth it to enrich the mask with a few drops of any kind of plant oil – it will make it more delicate. Apply to slightly moist skin, wash off after about 15 minutes, not allowing the clay to dry out. (To avoid this you can: add the oil, a spray of hydrosol or lay a warm damp towel on the face). After carefully washing off the mask entirely, spray the face with a hydrosol or apply an oil or cream.

MASK WITH CLAY: An even richer mask can be made by mixing calamine with clays (for example, white or pink) in any proportion. It’s a great way to adjust the intensity according to your skin needs.

BALSAM: Take 1 tablespoon of your favorite balsam in a small bowl, add a pinch of calamine. Mix completely. Apply to the body.

BATH: Depending on the volume of the bath tub, throw in a handful or two of the calamine. You can add a few drops of your favorite oil. After bathing, rinse the body, dry delicately, and apply a little oil or lotion.

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