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Capacity: 75 grams

Dear Customers! 

If you happened to live in a very hot place (we are sooooo jealous about that!) please remember, that our body balms are very sensitive and may not be stable at temperatures above 35'C - its consistency may change a little (may become a little softer).

An absolute top of the top, musthave, hit product.

100% natural, simple, fragrance-free and gentle but substantial balm in a stick that conquers all possible drynesses out there. It’s like a giant lip balm.

It will save chapped hands, dry feet or calves and cracked elbow skin. It will also alleviate ravages done to the skin by water sports.

Baobab immediately brings relief to dry and irritated skin, by nourishing it and improving its level of hydration.

Ideal for pregnant bellies and the small bums of your offspring.

Baobab seed oil regenerates damaged skin, softens it and makes it smooth. The trio of butters: cocoa, shea and illipe, together with beeswax form a protective layer preventing the skin from losing water.

Baobab also gently takes care of sensitive skin, surrounding it with a substantial protective layer.

It lubricates without leaving a discomfort of oily or sticky hands.

Dermatologically tested, compact and hygienic. It is convenient to apply on skin. It enjoys travel.

The instructions for our lotion stick makes it very efficient – apply only as you need!

How could you not love Baobab?

How to use:

Open the tube and warm up the Baobab rubbing it vigorously on the inside of your palm. 

Apply on dry areas, rubbing the product directly on the skin (as if using a glue stick!) or apply on palms to then distribute the lotion to the body parts in need of some love. 

The stick easily comes out and goes back to the tube.

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