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Capacity: 75 grams

Dear Customers! 

If you happened to live in a very hot place (we are sooooo jealous about that!) please remember, that our body balms are very sensitive and may not be stable at temperatures above 35'C - its consistency may change a little (may become a little softer).

Delicate, revitalizing and vegan lotion stick with illipe butter, a perfect mix of vegetable waxes and banana extract (yes, it's really banana!). Made to apply on the skin and to produce constant awe, which is an ideal setup because you'll care for your skin with ease.

Its aroma is so intense for lovers of fruits, sweets and bananas that they claim to have hot flashes and bouts of ecstasy, while those who hate bananas declare they cannot be in the same bed, room or even house with those fruit lovers.

You either love it or hate it, but that's OK with us :)

During the testing phase, this item was stolen by our children, grandmas and neighbors, none of our samples were even found.

Used regularly on all the places that are rough as sandpaper, this lotion stick softens and regenerates skin, relieving dryness and irritation, increasing levels of moisture and happiness.
It creates a perfect barrier protecting the skin from wind, cold and frost.
Yellow as the sun.
For all the cheerful people out there and for people who need some cheer right away. 

How to use:

Open the tube and warm up the Banana rubbing it vigorously on the inside of your palm. 

Apply on dry areas, rubbing the product directly on the skin (as if using a glue stick!) or apply on palms to then distribute the lotion to the body parts in need of some love. 

The stick easily comes out and goes back to the tube.

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